It may seem like an easy-going gig to dress up as a favorite character and be a star all day long, but that’s only because Smile and A Song casts top-notch performers who know how to make the show run smoothly. They’ve put in an incredible amount of work to make it seem like effortless fun all day long!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Smile and A Song brings authentic characters to your birthday parties and events.

Rigorous Audition Process

It’s clear that a  Smile and A Song performer must convincingly portray their character(s) in physical appearance, mannerisms, and vocal abilities. Performances must resemble their well-known character(s) from their popular movies. Candidates are tested in auditions for their singing, storytelling, and improvisational abilities, to mimic the entertainment demands of an event/party.

In addition to their performance abilities, candidates must also have experience in working well with children, as they will be the heart and soul of our audience! It’s one thing to look and act the part, but a performer must also know how to take cues from our little ones and appropriately respond and act while maintaining their specific character’s poise and disposition.


Once a candidate is selected, they undergo specific training to learn how to properly conduct themselves at a party while remaining in character. This involves further refinement of character mannerisms, including how to pose, walk, and dance like their character. Trainees are expected to thoroughly know every part of their character’s movie.

Performers will also learn how to face paint, give princess/character lessons, and engage large groups of children in dancing, games, and activities. Most often, a performer will be expected to assist a party to witness a princess or character in action.

Never Break Character

Smile and A Song is committed to delivering the best in princess and character party performances, which is why our performers must never break character.

Kids ask tough questions like, “Cinderella, where is Prince Charming?” or, “Elsa, can you make it snow for my birthday?” Our princesses and characters must be able to think on their feet and respond in a positive way while remaining in character. If the children ask, “Are you real?” they must be ready with several responses or reactions to convince them. At times, parents or other adults may ask out-of-character questions, to which our actors must continue to remain poised and respond as their character would. You never know when little ears might be listening!

Physically Strenuous

This is often the ‘unsung hero’ part of the role. A Smile and A Song character role is guaranteed to be physically demanding. Performers must be able to travel long distances in heavy costumes and wigs, complete with petticoats, bloomers, heels, makeup, and more. Southern California has plenty of gorgeous, picture-perfect settings, but it can get extremely hot which adds an extra level of physical demand under layers of costume and makeup. Despite the weather or number of gigs booked, a princess or character’s energy level must never waver or wane.

Makeup must remain in pristine condition and each performance must be as good as if it were the first. We can provide tips to our performers on maintaining the makeup, but it’s up to the individuals to bring the enduringly charming disposition!

The Magic of Smile and A Song

We do ask a lot of our performers, but only because Smile and A Song is dedicated to going above and beyond the expectations of our clients. We realize how important children’s dreams and wishes are, and we set the bar high for our performers in order to make good on that promise. Each one of us enjoys encouraging and inspiring a child’s imagination and making a magical imprint on their hearts forever.

Smile and A Song specializes in smaller, more intimate parties to ensure that each child receives quality, one-on-one time with their character. Check out our different package options to find a match for your event’s needs. Though we primarily serve the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas, we do offer a customized video service if the distance is too great to travel.

We recommend booking your party 4-6 weeks in advance to get your choice in dates. Contact us today for more information or event inquiries!