At Smile and a Song, we’re always thinking about how to give our young fans experiences they’ll remember for a lifetime. In our last post we were excited to announce our all new wonderland party package, and this month we’re just as delighted to share even more exciting news! We do a lot of traveling for our parties, and in doing so always find ourselves meeting an eclectic cast of characters. (Mad Hatter, anyone?) We love it so much, especially when we become fast friends!

Well, that’s what happened with the three women you’re about to get to know. We got along so swimmingly, we knew they should join our company of Princess Party characters. They were all adamant that they spend this month’s blog post introducing themselves, so without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Ni hao, I am Fa Mulan, the resident Chinese Princess!

My parents named me for the lovely, pink magnolias that were in bloom at the time I was born. You’ll notice the color of those blooms in the traditional hanfu I wear. I spent countless afternoons gazing up into those branches when was younger, and always wondered who I might one day be. My friends and family mean everything to me. If I asked them, they’d for sure describe me as spunky, brave, and clever, and you can bet my father would say I’m a little bit hard-headed (but I secretly think he likes it).

Since taking my father’s place in the war to defeat the Huns, I’ve embraced that fire within. I now know that this is something we all have—even if it takes a little reflection to find it—and now I love empowering little girls and boys to find their own. I firmly believe that strength has no gender, and that we should all set forth to honor who we are inside. There’s no better way to make our loved ones (and dragon guardian spirits) proud.

Speaking of guardians, now’s the perfect chance to hand the mic off to one of the most wonderful “mothers” of all. She’s a bit far away from my homeland of China, but that’s nothing a quick flight couldn’t take care of.

Hello! Call me Wendy, darling.

It’s certainly a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I just tucked the Lost Boys into bed for the night, so I have a few minutes to tell you all about myself before I have to take my dog Nana out for a walk.

I’m not really good at talking about myself, but I think of myself as being very responsible. I really enjoy sewing—you know I once sewed Peter’s shadow back on—and am really hard-working. My parents say it’s time for me to grow up, but I’m not sure how I feel about that.

She’s also a real good mother! Tell ’em about the crocodile! Oh, goodness me. I sincerely apologize for that interjection. It appears one of the boys was only just pretending to be asleep. I need to put this little one to bed, so I must hand this off now to the last of us. Maybe she can tell them about the croc! I believe that was an alligator, dear. They don’t have crocs in New Orleans. Ugh, same difference!

Hi ya’ll, my friends call me Tia!

It seems like the Lost Boy was referring to Louis, one of my friends from the swamp. Bless his heart. Louis is an alligator who taught himself how to play jazz. If you’ve never seen him with his trumpet, you’d be just amazed. It just shows you what you can achieve with hard work!

That’s how I was able to open my restaurant, with hard work and a lot of gumption (not to be confused with gumbo; mmmm!). It was my father’s dream to bring delicious food to the people of New Orleans, and even though we’ve been without him for a while now, I still knew I needed to make his dream come true!

When I’m not in the kitchen whipping up new recipes, which is rare, I know it’s important for me to let loose a little and dance the Charleston. I mean, it is the roaring twenties! If you’ve never done it before, it’s so much fun. I’d love to teach you the next time you have a gathering! But before I do I have just one word of warning: be careful when you wish upon a star. There’s a reason I’m called the Frog Princess! Of course, that’s all over now. Nothing but blues skies and sunshine ahead.

About Smile and a Song Princess Parties

We’re all about new friends here at Smile and a Song, so we truly hope you enjoyed getting to know these three lovely women. If you’d like to make their acquaintances in person, just jump right over to our booking page. We offer Princess Party packages throughout the Los Angeles Metro area and beyond. Yes, Neverland included!