From the second your child opens the front door too see their favorite character standing before them, we want them to be whisked away to the fairytale of his or her dreams. There’s is no image more enchanting than one of little eyes lighting up in full belief, wide and round as the saucers at Alice’s very first Mad Tea Party, and as enrapt as Belle’s when she takes her seat at Lumiere’s table.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, capturing love at first sight has to be worth at least a million. Since our blog’s character limit will cap us long before that, we’d instead like to few hundred to tell you about how we’re able to elicit such wondrous responses: our costumes

How are your costumes made (assuming they’re not Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo’d into being)?

Haha, no, but wouldn’t that be quite something! Each of our costumes (Cinderella’s included) is handmade couture brought to life for our company by a talented team of professional costume designers. While we certainly think the work they do is magic, none is used in their process (that we know of). Each costume they create for us is a labor of love, with innumerable hours spent ensuring the addition of even just the littlest details, down to the precise placement of individual rhinestones.

After every weekend’s events, each of our costumes is inspected for wear and tear, and necessary cleaning. Nothing is overlooked, from the beadwork on Tinkerbell’s dress, to the embroidery on Rapunzel’s skirt.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

One of our most dreamt for and sought after characters is Belle. In our ever-expanding armoire, her costume is the most show stopping. It’s a thing of absolute beauty, and it’s been in the works for years and years. We first started with more of a golden yellow satin, like in the movies, but have since upgraded her to a butter yellow, bringing us closer in line to what you’d experience at the theme parks.

Hers is the heaviest and most difficult costume to wear, but she always achieves that “Wow” factor. The organza underskirt is extremely delicate and has had to be repaired and even replaced multiple times because of snags. We get so excited every time we come up with new ways to add to our costumes’ exquisite authenticity.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the favorite(st) of all?While Snow White’s costume is definitely loved by all, the current fan favorite is our newest, upgraded Aurora gown. The skirt, being a full circle skirt, is extremely lush, and the silhouette of the bodice is extremely flattering. The embroidered satin material is just the perfect pink color, bringing to mind Sleeping Beauty’s nickname of “Briar Rose.” The new crown and necklace are heavy, solid metal, with intricate molding and crystals, which only adds to the overall effect. Kids and adults alike just adore it.

Be our guest, won’t you?

Or, moreover, we’d love to be yours! We take so much pride in the costumes all our performers wear, because we know just how much it means to your little one to have their heart’s desires brought to life before them. We live for the smiles we get to bring into the world, both big and small, and from children or adults. Because, after all, imagination has no age.

Smile and A Song specializes in smaller, more intimate boutique parties to ensure that each child receives quality, one-on-one time with their character. Check out our different package options to see which one fits your needs. Though our primary service areas are in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, we do offer a customized video service if the distance is too much to travel.

We highly recommend booking your party 4-6 weeks in advance to get your choice in dates. Contact us today for more information or event inquiries!