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Arabian Princess Video

Watch and listen on YouTube to our beautiful Arabian Princess sing about the adventure she yearns for outside her palace walls!


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See the Light with Rapunzel

Smile and a Song Princess Parties presents Rapunzel as you have never seen her before! This stirring music video will pull on your heartstrings, and what’s more – you can have Rapunzel grace your next princess party to spend time with her yourself!

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Introducing the new Smile and a Song website!

Greetings everyone! You’re now viewing the BRAND NEW Smile and a Song website! We’ve got lots of news coming soon, so be sure to come back to find out how we’re the best princess party company in Los Angeles!


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Get tangled up!

Our dashing prince Flynn is now available to accompany Rapunzel to your child’s birthday party! A perfect solution to make the party enjoyable for both girls AND boys, the roguish and charming Flynn will entertain even the most fearsome ruffians and thugs! As a pair, Rapunzel and Flynn bring both sweetness and silliness, and are sure to make your party a “hair-raising” success!Rapunzel and fin

Rapunzel group photo

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Glass Slippers: You’ll actually find they’re quite comfortable!

Ella 2 image

Ella image

“Lavender’s blue dilly dilly…lavender’s green! When I am King dilly dilly…you shall be Queen!”

Smile and a Song Princess Parties is proud to introduce Cinderella in a brand new dress and hairstyle! Complete with sparkling glass slippers! Now you can choose from the classic animated version and this elegant live action version currently showing in movie theaters!

“Where there is kindness there is goodness; and where there is goodness there is magic”.

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The Smile and a Song Difference

Why choose a character from Smile and a Song Princess Parties to entertain at your child’s birthday?

1. The Look: Featuring gorgeous couture costumes and wigs, our princesses, mermaids, and fairies look like they leapt straight out of the storybook! We pride ourselves in providing the most beautiful and authentic looking character experience. We are constantly maintaining and updating our costumes to be the best in the business.

2. The Talent: We purposefully keep our company small to maintain the highest quality. All of our cast members are handpicked musical theatre performers. That means all our princesses sing! We book based on character rather than performer to maintain character integrity as all of our performers are equally talented and beautiful professionals.

3. The Heart: (From Joanna, Owner) “One of the most important things I look for in casting for my company is the heart. There is a special spark in those applying who you can tell genuinely love working with children and you know are going to put their whole heart into every performance. We constantly get compliments on the wonderful personalities of our performers…their beauty shines through their smiles!”

snow princess birthday

Cinderalla happy


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Cinderella, you’re as lovely as your name…

Who is excited for the new movie version of Cinderella? At Smile and a Song Princess Parties we are shining our glass slippers in anticipation! Doesn’t our Cinderella princess character look marvelous in her upswept hairdo and sparkling blue gown? In her elegant attire, and with graceful manners befitting of royalty, our Cinderella character is the perfect choice for your special event! All of our performers sing sweetly just like the storybook heroine your child remembers, and are gentle and loving with the youngest of guests. Let Smile and a Song Princess Parties make your little princess’ ball like a dream, a wonderful dream come true!
Cinderall birthday


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Hope you had a scary-cute Halloween!

Halloween 1Halloween 2

As All Hallow’s Eve descended, Smile and a Song introduced a new voltageous character to our lineup! The super-charged teenage daughter of the famed Frankenstein monster entertained trick or treaters at a Santa Monica Halloween event organized by MommyTrain.com!



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