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Imagine the moment when your child opens the door to meet their favorite fairytale character. Their face lights up with joy as a perfect recreation of their beloved princess, mermaid, or fairy stands before them, looking like they stepped right out of the storybook. Look no further for the ultimate character experience.

Not only do our characters look the part in dazzling theme park quality costumes and handcrafted wigs, but each of our hand selected performers are trained musical theatre vocalists who will sing beautifully and immerse your guests in convincing portrayals. Call today to see why Smile and a Song is the leading choice!

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The Mad Hatter and Alice from Alice in Wonderland visit CBS2 to discuss the L.A. Chocolate Festival & Pastry Show!


Meet the Newest Additions to Our Cast of Characters

At Smile and a Song, we’re always thinking about how to give our young fans experiences they’ll remember for a lifetime. In our last post we were excited to announce our all new wonderland party package, and this month we're just as delighted to share even more exciting news! We do a lot of traveling for our parties, and in doing so always find ourselves meeting an eclectic cast of characters. (Mad Hatter, anyone?) We love it so much, especially when we become fast friends! Well, that’s what happened with the three women you’re about to get to know. We got along so swimmingly, we knew they should join our company of Princess Party characters. They were all adamant that [...]

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole with Our New “Wonderland Party Showcase!”

You’ll never be late for this very important date! This month we are so excited to spotlight our newest, phantasmagorical venture down the rabbit hole. In collaboration with Wonderland Party Props, we at Smile and a Song Princess Parties are proud to officially present the Wonderland Party Showcase — an all-new, original, musical retelling of the classic Alice in Wonderland story! Are you having a large event or tea party, and looking for the ultimate character experience you won’t find anywhere else? This 30-minute extravaganza stars your beloved, sweet Miss Alice alongside the hilarious Mad Hatter, as well as a slew of other silly characters (who are played, naturally — and with the assistance of many, many “mad” hats — [...]

How does Smile and a Song get such amazing looking costumes?

From the second your child opens the front door too see their favorite character standing before them, we want them to be whisked away to the fairytale of his or her dreams. There’s is no image more enchanting than one of little eyes lighting up in full belief, wide and round as the saucers at Alice’s very first Mad Tea Party, and as enrapt as Belle’s when she takes her seat at Lumiere’s table. If a picture is worth a thousand words, capturing love at first sight has to be worth at least a million. Since our blog’s character limit will cap us long before that, we’d instead like to few hundred to tell you about how we’re able to [...]