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Imagine the moment when your child opens the door to meet their favorite fairytale character. Their face lights up with joy as a perfect recreation of their beloved princess, mermaid, or fairy stands before them, looking like they stepped right out of the storybook. Look no further for the ultimate character experience.

Not only do our princesses look the part in dazzling theme park quality gowns and handcrafted wigs, but each of our hand selected performers are trained musical theatre vocalists who will sing beautifully and immerse your guests in convincing portrayals. Call today to see why Smile and a Song is the leading choice!

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The Biggest Birthday Party Trends You Won’t Want to Miss!

Birthday parties are an essential part of childhood, making life-long memories for children and adults alike. Smile and A Song Princess Parties discusses the latest in birthday party trends and how you can throw the coolest party around! Popular Princesses Moana and Belle were Smile and a Song’s most popular characters in 2017 since their movies were fresh on everyone’s minds. Parents even built wayfinder boats in their backyards for Moana, and Belle waltzed in several beautiful ballrooms. We even got Lumière out to a few parties as a duo with Belle, where he sang “Be Our Guest”! Belle was more than happy to be a guest at the Director’s Guild of America, where she wore her beautiful Christmas gown. [...]

What Does it Take to Be A Smile and A Song Performer?

It may seem like an easy-going gig to dress up as a favorite character and be a star all day long, but that’s only because Smile and A Song casts top-notch performers who know how to make the show run smoothly. They’ve put in an incredible amount of work to make it seem like effortless fun all day long! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Smile and A Song brings authentic characters to your birthday parties and events. Rigorous Audition Process It’s clear that a  Smile and A Song performer must convincingly portray their character(s) in physical appearance, mannerisms, and vocal abilities. Performances must resemble their well-known character(s) from their popular movies. Candidates are tested in auditions for their singing, [...]

Meet Our New Characters, Including Some Fierce Superheroes!

Smile and A Song brings joy and cheer to any party with their cast of amazing characters and true-to-life costumes. You can rely on familiar favorites like Belle, Snow White, Alice & the Mad Hatter, Ariel, and more to bring magic to any party or gathering. But did you know that our cast of characters is always expanding? Meet a few of our new cast members that would love to bring more magic and delight to your child’s next event! Wonder Woman Wonder Woman wowed the crowds at theatres, and now she’s ready to impress at your next event! Ready to inspire children of all ages, she’s especially geared to empowering young girls to be their best selves. Wonder Woman [...]